Junior Software Architect

Building more advanced functionality


A junior software architect can use practically all of the application building functionality of Agilebase. For example

  • Create workflows (including chasers, document generation)
  • Set up APIs
  • Add complex joins to views
  • Create, edit and delete roles
  • Assign privileges to roles or users up to the ’edit’ level
  • Remove fields, views etc. created by anyone
  • Edit the advanced properties of fields and views, including field visibility rules (confidentiality rules) for example

Their only limitations are to do with managing the organisation as a whole, including other users.

Boost your learning by watching our more advanced guides:

For more information about:

  1. Security Features
  2. Workflows - Altering Data
  3. Workflows - Doc Gen
  4. Workflows - Sending an email
  5. Workflows - Using the email chaser

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