Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How AI and No Code work together in Agilebase

AI is used in many core features of Agilebase: to give you ideas about what to build, help to build those systems and build more advanced features more quickly than you would be able to do on your own as you progress your learning.

It’s possible, with a few simple prompts, for Agilebase’s AI to build a complete system for you from scratch, for whatever you want (a CRM system for a charity, an asset tracking system for a film production company, or whatever you want to describe).

Then when fleshing it out, the AI can help with more complex tasks like adding calculations for reporting.

However, AI isn’t a replacement for your own understanding, more of an aid. It’s always a good idea to have some knowledge of the principles of how database systems work and Agilebase in particular - relational database concepts is a good starting point.

Getting Started

See Using AI to add multiple tables as the starting point for building a complete system, or extending an existing system with new applications

Data Privacy

Whenever you use AI features, which are marked with a ‘sparkles’ icon and the word AI inside a button, you should be aware that the prompts that you provide, along with other information from the Agilebase system (explained in the documentation for each feature) is sent to a third party AI.

In summary, when you

At the time of writing, we use OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. Their terms and policies, including their privacy policy are located here:

Last modified February 8, 2024: Summarise privacy (13a7863)