Citizen Developer Level 1

Start of the AgileBase Journey - Personalisation


This is the start of the Agilebase journey. At this level you can create your own customisations, using no coding.

An Agilebase citizen developer can create ‘personal copies’ of any view and edit those copies

  • remove or add fields, excepting any that are marked ‘confidential’ (only higher level developers can access those fields)
  • rearrange fields
  • change field sorting
  • add filters or remove filters (except on ‘confidential’ fields)
  • add and remove charts

A confidential field is one that has a visibility rule, or is used for multi-tenanting.

The personal copy of the view is seen only by them. For example, a citizen developer may create a list of records filtered to show ones assigned to them. Everyone else in the organisation sees only the original view.

You earn the Citizen Developer title once you have carried out standard functions. These include adding and editing records. The title is assigned to internal staff not to community users.

Visit our helpful introductory guide to personalising your agileBase experience by visiting Guide 2 - Personalisation

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  2. Using the Built in Charting

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