Software Architect

Building, assembling and managing the whole system


As well as building and disassembling applications, software architects can set company-wide settings and manage the account as a whole. They can

  • Add and remove users
  • Edit company level settings (e.g. whether to enforce 2FA)
  • Change table sensitive and personal data settings (GDPR)
  • View and controls users’ learner progression levels
  • Assign privileges

Don’t know where to start?

If your company has just started building using Agilebase and you are reading this, then you’re probably feeling that you’ve been thrown in to the deep end! Don’t worry - using Agilebase will feel like you’ve been given a life buoy on … with an outboard motor… in lovely warm water… next to the 5 star all inclusive carribean resort! To kick off, watch the following guide which will walk you through building a fully functional sales CRM.

Looking for some guides to help you…

  • COMING SOON - Video about debugging tips and advice on managing Agilebase development projects

For more information about:

  1. Using the API
  2. Build Patterns

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