Checkbox Field Options

Options specific to checkbox (true/false) fields

Default value

Simply whether the checkbox should default to ticked (true) or un-ticked (false) for new records.

Don’t set last modified

Whenever someone edits a record, Agilebase automatically updates the Last Modified and Modified By fields of the table. This option prevents that happening when the checkbox field is ticked or un-ticked. There would not usually be a need for this but it may be useful in a minority of cases.

Show digital signature

Causes the user interface to show the name & username of the person who last ticked or un-ticked the checkbox, along with a timestamp.

Note these can only be shown for the maximum time that record history (audit trail) data is stored for, by default 12 months. See enhanced audit trail for details of extending this.

Last modified November 27, 2023: Pivot table example (80c844c)