Introducing the Agilebase as a no-code software development platform

People from many different backgrounds use Agilebase to create software that solves problems for them and their organisations. Some are seasoned IT professionals, who are able to code but are new to the no-code world. Some have used tools like Microsoft Access or newer no-code tools and many if not most are from outside of the IT world completely.

There’s a place for everyone - to encourage this diversity and ensure people can pick up Agilebase at whatever level is most appropriate, we’ve designed our unique five step Learner Progression route.

Learner Progression starts at a level appropriate to someone who has no experience of software development at all. You can learn ‘on the job’, by following video guides and documentation and with support from partners, to become a fully fledged software architect, whatever your background.

The learner progression page below gives an outline of this route and the development mode page gives practical information on how to start using development features.

Development Mode

How to toggle between development and standard user modes

Learner Progression

The journey from citizen developer to software architect

Learner Progression Levels

Information about citizen developer and architect leaner progression levels

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