Policies and further information


Data backups are performed across the stack of technology, from server down to databases and file storage.

  1. Database backups are taken daily and hosted in the European Union by Amazon. Older backups transition to Amazon Glacier and are kept for 200 days - this allows a balance between the practical necessity of allowing rollbacks to a certain point in time, whilst not storing data for an unnecessarily long period, to comply with the GDPR. By policy, backups under 100 days old are read-only and un-deletable, so will always be available in the case of attacks like ransomware. These backups are also encrypted so that Amazon has no access to the data within then.

  2. Continuous archiving of the database is also enabled, to transfer data to a ‘hot standby’ server using streaming replication, allowing immediate failover should the primary database fail for any reason.

  3. Agilebase content (uploaded files, custom templates etc.) also have snapshots taken daily, kept for 200 days in a separate EU location.

  4. In addition to these content-only backups, snapshots of the totality of each key server in the infrastructure (including configuration), are run daily using the Linode backup service https://www.linode.com/products/backups/

The backup and recovery process is monitored and tested regularly.


There may be a charge for retrieval of customer data from backup, to cover our costs. The data will be restored to a separate instance of Agilebase available at a different URL, which a customer can look at to compare data. If necessary, data can then be extracted from one and loaded into the other.

Please be aware that depending on needs, this may be a complex process due to the fact that other data in the live system may have changed since the backup. A simple overwrite of existing data may not be the best option.

Privacy policy

Agilebase Ltd is funded directly by the customers we provide services to, we do not have any other business model, particularly we do not resell any data.

Our privacy policy is available here: https://agilechilli.com/help-centre/agilebase/privacy-policy/

GDPR Policy

An overview of our GDPR policy is available here.

GDPR Compliance Cycle

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Full details of our processes and plans are available to customers and relevant parties on request.

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