Advanced information on Workflows

Further information about Agilebase automation features


If you are using the more advanced features of agilebase workflows then knowing where to look for logging information will become important. At the bottom fo the workflow - edit records panel when editing a view, recent logs are shown.

They will contain success and failures of past runs as well as the next time the workflow is scheduled to be run.

Viewing the logging history of a Workflow

Workflow privileges

If workflows are run in the background on a timed basis, e.g. every 10 minutes, they don’t need privileges on the tables they act on. They effectively run as a ‘system user’, not a real person.

If workflows are however kicked off by a person pressing a workflow button, or creating or opening a record, they run with the privileges of that user.

That can be overridden by ticking the option Allow workflow to act on any table when editing the workflow. If for example you have a workflow button which creates a new purchase order when the user presses it, but the user has no privileges on the purchase orders table, that option will allow the workflow to run successfully.

Chaining Workflows

Chaining Workflows

Recursive Workflows

Recursively Firing Workflows

Running on record creation or load

How to run a workflow every time a new record is created, or optionally, opened

Workflows Buttons

How to setup a Workflow to fire from a Button

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