Special Uses

Creating application functionality using views

The primary purpose of a view is to show data to users. To let them see, search and report on it, or find individual records to edit.

However, some fundamental aspects of a view make it a very useful feature that can power many core capabilities of Agilebase, such as chasers, workflows and APIs, as well as being useful to administrators in many more minor ways.

A view being a filtered list of records, it can be used to specify those records to act on, i.e. those representing emails to send, workflow actions or data to send to a third party system with an API.

A view is commonly created for the task you wish to accomplish, placing it in a System tile to hide it from users. Then it can be turned to the required purpose in any of the following ways.


Using a view to create an API


Using a view to create a workflow

Referenced Data Panels

Using views to embed data from other parts of the system into a data entry form


Showing data in a form tab

Controlling Form User Interfaces

Using a view to control a form - hiding/showing different areas, locking data and expanding/contracting blocks of fields on screen

Related Record Chooser

Using a view to choose a record for a relation field

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