Using the API and other data IO options to extract data from Agilebase and/or connect with third party systems

There are a number of ways to extract data from Agilebase, whether manually for an individual’s use or programatically for integration with other systems.

There are also multiple ways other than the user interface to enter data into Agilebase.

Outgoing Data

Users are able to:

  • Export Data to spreadsheet
  • Generate Docs via a template
  • Access attached files
  • Print screen information

Third parties can access data via an API, either:

  • PULL data
  • PUSH data

There is also dedicated facility for integrating data with a Calendar

  • Calendar Integration

Finally, data can be sent to third party reporting tools like Power BI, Tableau, Excel or anything which can use ODBC

Incoming Data

Users are able to add data:

  • Via the User Interface
  • Import CSV files

Third parties can save data into agilebase:

  • Via the POST API

Testing and debugging APIs

Viewing logs

  1. Open the API view and toggle the development mode on
  2. From the panel sidebar, choose ‘use API’ and scroll down to Logs

The most recent API actions and any errors which may have occurred will be shown

Showing the internal ID of each record

Sometimes it can be useful to see the internal ID (primary key value) of each record the API acts on, to match up with info from the third party system you’re integrating with. To do this, see Accessing additional debugging information


Using a test server to dry-run integrations

External Reporting

Sending data to an external tool via a database link

Creating a POST API

A powerful automation feature that can allow a third party system to POST data in to Agilebase.

Creating a PUSH API

A powerful automation feature that can send data to third party systems.

Creating a PULL API

Control how third party systems read data from Agilebase

PUSH API worked example - Zapier

A worked example to send Agilebase data to a third party text messaging service using Zapier

Complete API worked example

A more complex API example showing a real world integration consisting of multiple steps

Comments integration

Allows comments posted in Agilebase to be shared as Slack/Teams/Google etc. notifications

Exporting to spreadsheet

The data in each view can be exported when the requisite privileges are granted

Importing from spreadsheet

Adding to or updating existing data in a table using a spreadsheet import

Authenticating users via the API

Logging in as a user

Creating user accounts with the API

Creating a user account in a multi-tenanted system with an API request

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