Table fields

Adding fields to a table creates a form by which people (and other sources such as the API or workflows) can enter data.

There are various types of fields and field options which this section will cover.

Adding a field

  1. Ensure development mode is toggled on
  2. Select the table to add a field to
  3. Click on the pencil icon in the toolbar, if necessary, to edit the table
  4. Click the fields tab
  5. From the controls at the bottom of the list of existing fields:
    • Type in a field name, optional description, choose a type and press the Create Field button
  6. Optionally, drag and drop the field to a desired location relevant to other fields

Adding a table field

Field level help

Any description added to the field will be used as inline help. URLs can be included and will be turned into clickable links. See help for more information.

Editing a field

Field name and description (help text) can be altered at any time by clicking them. Fields can be moved on screen by dragging. Options can be altered by clicking the edit options link for each field.

However, once set, the field type can’t be changed. A number field can’t be converted to a text field for example. In particular, a decimal number can’t be converted to a whole number field and vice versa, as integers and floating point numbers are different data types.

There is a process available for changing field types, please see changing field types if you need to do that.

Removing a field

In the fields tab, click the x button to the right of a field.

If the field is used in any other locations in your application, such as a view, you’ll be alerted to the fact. You’ll need to first remove the field from those locations before being able to remove it.

Removing a table field

Field Types

A list of field types, the purposes and options of each

Field Options

Customise the behaviour and display of fields