Citizen Developer Level 2

Starting to develop functionality


You are now well on your way through the Agilebase journey.

This level is suggested or ‘unlocked’ once a citizen developer has carried out a certain number of citizen development functions and has therefore started to learn how no code development works in a safe environment.

However to activate the level, it must be manually assigned by a Software Architect level user, as it allows changes to the system which can affect other users.

A citizen developer level 2 can

  • create new views that everyone can see, from any table
    • edit them as per the citizen developer functionality above
    • additionally they can add and remove simple joins, to include data from other tables in a view
  • remove views that they themselves have created (not those that others have)
  • create their own tables
    • add, edit and remove fields and tabs from those tables
    • edit basic properties of the fields
    • assign privileges (up to edit) on those tables, using existing roles or direct user privileges
  • create tiles and delete tiles they’ve added themselves

Learn how to add functionality by watching our guide Creating a basic task list

For more information about:

  1. Relational Database Concepts
  2. Adding and editing tables
  3. What is a view

Last modified November 27, 2023: Pivot table example (80c844c)