Separator Options

Options specific to separators, which form groups of fields into blocks

A field separator creates a block of fields, starting with the separator and ending at the next one (or the last field in the table).

These blocks can either be initially contracted, or expanded. Here’s a screenshot showing a number of contracted blocks, with one expanded.

blocks one expanded

To program the initial state of the block

  1. Create a view from the table the separator is in
  2. Add filters to that view that leave only records which the block should be expanded in present
  3. In the fields tab of the table, click field options and select the view for the expand if record in view option

There are two other selections that can be made for the expand if record in view option other than selecting a view.

  • expand if under 10 blocks on the screen
  • expand never

Remember, these just set the initial state of the block when a record is first opened, blocks can be expanded and contracted by the user at any time.

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