File Field Options

Options specific to file fields, including for generating documents


The type of document typically stored by this field. Can be

  • Document - such as a PDF file or spreadsheet for example
  • Image/photo
  • Profile photo

The selection affects the display in the user interface in some ways. In particular when a profile photo field is moved to the start of the record, it is displayed as part of the record header.

Image resolution

This option allows you to specify that the system should automatically down-size any large images uploaded. This could be to save storage space (for which there is a cost), or it may be appropriate if these files are going to be attached to emails sent by the system.


Type the name of a template to be used for generating PDF documents to be stored in this field.

View to use

The system will look in this view for a template with the name specified above.

Paper size

When a PDF is generated, base it on this size of paper. The default is A4, changing this can be useful if e.g. you want to use the system to print labels.

Zoom %

Setting this to smaller than 100 will make text and other content appear smaller on the page, similarly larger bigger

Optionally, add a footer to every page of a generated document, including e.g. the name of the document, page number and total number of pages.

If you like, you can define a completely custom footer in HTML. Add a <div> element to your HTML template with the id ‘ab_pdf_footer’. The footer element may use only inline CSS styles, classes will be ignored. However, so the footer element only appears in the footer, we suggest adding a class to it to hide it in the main document, for example

#ab_pdf_footer {
    display: none;

You can use <span class='pageNumber'></span> to output the current page number in the template and <span class='totalPages'></span> for the total number of pages.

If you don’t define a custom footer via a <div id='ab_pdf_footer'> element, then the following will be used:

<div id='ab_pdf_footer' style='font-size: 8pt; width: 100%; text-align: center'>[title] - page <span class='pageNumber'></span> of <span class='totalPages'></span></div>

where [title] is the contents of the first (non-ID) field in the ‘view to use’ (see above), so you can set it to whatever you like. A calculation can be used if required.

Last modified April 16, 2024: Footer CSS code correction (75f2aed)