Referenced Data Panels

Using views to embed data from other parts of the system into a data entry form

It can be useful to include calculations and data from other parts of the system in a form, to add context and optionally allow editing of that related data.

To do that, a referenced data field can be added to the form. When adding this field, the administrator can choose a view to reference, the data from which will display in the form.

The way it works that a when a particular record is shown on screen in a form, the row ID of the record being edited is used to filter the results of that view. Records from the view that include that ID are displayed in a panel.

Referenced data can also be used to

  • display charts
  • provide default values for form fields
  • show a workflow button - if the referenced view is a workflow, a button to run it will display

Full details of all of these features can be found on the referenced data panel page.

Last modified November 27, 2023: Pivot table example (80c844c)