Authenticating users via the API

Logging in as a user

Sometimes when developing an app that integrates with Agilebase, you may want to allow it to query the system to check the login details a user provides. In other words, let a user ’log in’ via your app.

The API mechanisms described in this section (push, pull etc.) don’t require a login to use, they work only via the API keys as described, however your app may still wish to test a users login to ensure they are a valid user.

To do that, the third party app must act exactly as if it were a web browser allowing the user to log in. In other words it must follow this process:

  1. Visit
  2. The page will return a login form and a cookie JSESSIONID
  3. Post the form i.e. submit values j_username and j_password, along with the cookie
  4. If the username and password are correct, a JSON object will be returned in the response, containing the user’s details. If not, an error page will be returned

Resources / Examples


See section Form Login with Cookies of


Use the ‘react-cookie’ package:


Use the ‘urllib2’ library:'

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