Guide 1 - Build a CRM

Building a number of applications to form a CRM system

1. Creating a basic task list

Demonstrates the basic processes of building a simple application, a good starting point

2. Capturing Company and Contact data (Introducing Relational Databases)

Introducing the power of Relational Databases… adding the ability to capture Company and Contact information to start building our CRM.

3. Adding a Sales Pipeline - Kanban

Adding Sales Opportunity management to our CRM - using a Kanban board and DropDown fields.

4. Calculated Datafields

Demonstrate how easy it is to use one of the most powerful features of agileBase… Calculations

5. Cross References and Automations

Introducing more advanced features such as cross referencing data and building a utomations

6. Security and Access Control

A look at the inbuilt security model and how to use it to control access

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