Guide 3 - Advanced Usage

COMING SOON - A look at how to control the UI/UX across agileBase, advanced debugging techniques and tips on managing agileBase development projects.

Learning Aim: To learn how to use the built-in facilities with-in agileBase, demonstrating how a developer can control how the user interacts with the system!

Prerequisites: To be an experienced user and to have some experience of personalising the system.


When building tools and functions for your users you will want to control how they interact with the data they are updating or creating. This is true whether building using agileBase or indeed any other tool.

Agilebase has a multitude of options, features and settings that can be used to tailor the user experience, whilst also providing you levels of control needed to capture valid data. There are three main areas to the agileBase system that a user interacts with. They start with Tiles. These act as a gateway to the collection of Lists they contain. Whilst each List provides information about a collection of Records with the user interface providing the mechanism for your user to click through to a Full Record.

We will go through each layer in turn describing the options you as a developer have in controlling them.

Starting with…

Guide 3.1 - Tiles: Advanced UI Control

Tiles - A look at how to control the starting point of UI/UX across agileBase

Guide 3.2 - Views: Advanced UI Control

Views - A look at how to control the Lists of Records that Users interact with

Guide 3.3 - Records: Advanced UI Control

Records - A look at how to control the Full Record View

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