What is low code / no code?

What is a low code / no code software platform?

Over the last two years low code / no code software has appeared to burst onto the scene from nowhere. The truth however is a bit less spectacular. Low code / no code platforms have been in development under the radar for at least a decade. What has changed now is the promise has become a reality.

Low code / no code promised to give users the power to produce bespoke systems, rather than have to rely on developers. For the last forty years off the shelf software was the only real alternative to bespoke development but over that time it gained a reputation for being inflexible and bloated.

Low code / no code has matured into a viable alternative. A few platforms have proved they are fast, robust and powerful.

Business teams can build solutions that actually work, that are the right size for them, that reflect their language and that can be adapted in real time as the business evolves. Even on really small budgets.

Low code / no code platforms come in many flavours and have been designed to tackle different problems.

Agilebase has been specifically designed to build back offices for ambitious businesses.

You can start small with a quick prototype, build this over the years into a full blown ERP system and even use it to act as the hub for all your software via its built in API Creator.

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