Costing structure

Costing structure

A large variety of applications can be built using the Agilebase platform. Customers can start small (perhaps in one team or department, or a new startup business) and build apps iteratively to encompass a constantly widening range of business requirements.

Our costing structure has been developed to ensure fairness and affordability however far along an organisation is in their growth.

Costing is controlled by five factors

  • Users - the number of people who can log in
  • Tables - a measure of the size of an application - how many capabilities does it cover?
  • Document storage - used if a company uploads or generates documents, images or videos
  • Quantity of data - the number of records stored in a system
  • Optional API charges - when integrating with third party software

Each element has a sliding scale - the larger the number of units, the lower the per-unit cost, to allow large scale use while remaining affordable.

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