Who can use it?

Who can build applications using Agilebase?

Firstly, no formal programming experience is necessary.

Often, people who are interested in building applications tend to be those who have created spreadsheets to run business processes but have become aware of the limitations and want to move to the next level.

Following training, anyone with the requisite interest, ability and ambition can progress from making simple changes and additions to existing applications, to building complex applications

Citizen Developers

People working within an organisation at any level can be trained in the technology and thought patterns necessary to build useful applications. Companies can therefore make the most of the abilities of their staff, that may currently be un-tapped.


We are also building a network of partners who can act as consultants to organisations, kick-starting the application building process within an organisation and taking ownership of any large scale application(s).

Partners can also use the platform to build their own multi-tenanted apps. These are applications which many different customers can log into and use. Each company’s data is of course separated from others, but the application itself is shared.

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